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Sedona / Flagstaff Day Trip

Living in Arizona allows me to take some fun day trips. Yesterday, we drove north to Sedona. After visiting Sedona, we headed north to Flagstaff.

The weather got more pleasant as we drove north. The children enjoyed the drive north as we had them look for things along the way.

We stopped at Sunset Point rest area along the way. Sunset Point has a lookout point. The view is great of a valley below and hills on the other side of the valley.

Of course the children needed the break too. At Sunset Point, it is easy to see nature such as lizards, snakes, birds and other wildlife of Arizona.

As we headed north again, we passed Camp Verde. In Camp Verde, you can board a railroad train and tour Verde Canyon. We did not take the train on this trip but might go another time.

After Camp Verde, we pulled off Interstate 17 on the road going to Sedona. Before you get to Sedona you come to Oak Creek, it is the start of Red Rock Country as it is called.

If you go there, be sure to stop at the ranger station and visitor center. If you want to park and hike anywhere in Sedona and Oak Creek, a Red Rock pass is required by the forest service. Red Rock Passes are sold at the visitor center / ranger station which has a very nice view of red rocks too.

We took a few pictures of the children here. The children liked the "bear" tracks on the sidewalk and just had to get their picture taken with the "bear" tracks.

At least one of the children had to get silly in the pictures so more pictures were needed.

We got back into the car and headed towards Bell Rock. Bell Rock is likely one of the more recognised rock formations in Oak Creek. It is just before you reach the city limits of Sedona. People can hike on trails around Bell Rock.

Being that it is summer, we decided to take a driving tour and stay in the car for most of the day trip.

We drove to the Chapel built in the Red Rocks. On the drive up the road, the sounds of rattlesnakes grows louder as you get to the Chapel.

Arizona respects nature and snakes are respected and even protected as part of nature and environment. From the car, we spotted several rattlesnakes. One snake was a very large diamondback.

The Chapel is pretty but a part of me feels it never should have been built there. The sacredness of the natural beauty of the land and rocks makes Sedona a beautiful natural environment to enjoy.

From the Chapel, we headed through the art gallery area and shop area where several new age shops are located.

We decided to head to the Airport. The airport has a lookout point with a fantastic view of the Red Rocks overlooking Sedona. On the road to the Airport if Airport Mesa, it is said to be a vortex site. We stopped there for awhile after visiting the airport. The airport also is place for airplane tours. We did not opt for airplane tours.

We drove to only McDonalds with green arches. Apparently, the City of Sedona has an ordinance requiring earth tones in all signs or something like that. The children did not want McDonalds so we drove to the Burger King.

Burger King has an upstairs dining room which has a good view of the Red Rocks. So we enjoyed our meal and looked at the Red Rocks.

After eating, we drove through uptown Sedona on the road to Flagstaff. The road takes you through some very beautiful country side where you can see the creek, slide rock, campsites, places to stay and eat along the way. While driving this road, the children saw skunks, birds, trees, other animals.

The gets higher and winds through the mountain before making its way to Flagstaff. If you are lucky, you might see deer or elk too.

When you get to Flagstaff, it is forest. The beauty of the trees and cooler air temperature make it a nice break from the desert temperatures of the Valley of the Sun / Phoenix Metro area.

With a few hour drive, it makes for a nice day trip.


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