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Time with my grandchildren

One of the fun things I enjoy on a hot summer day is going to the pool with the grandchildren. They are so cute in their little floatie swimwear. It is such a great idea from a company called floatsuits. The suit is equiped with a built in floats and comes uv protected to help lower harmful uv sunrays.

I still need to keep an eye on them around water. Even with the suit water safety is highly important.

If you have young children, you know how important it is to watch children around water. Always better to be safe than sorry later.

The swimming is helping me gain back some mobility. I have rheumatoid arthritis.

A few months ago, I was unable to move or get up. The swimming helps to increase flexability and mobility.

I am one of the lucky Grandma's. I get to be around the children everyday. They wake up come into my room if I am not yet up asking to go swimming.

Ok girls, breakfast first and other stuff we need to get done. We usually wait until the sun is not at the highest point in the sky before going to the pool.

This last few weeks, our television has been not working. Getting the girls out to swim has stopped the boredom of not having their favorite movies or shows.

Swimming at the pool has also been a great way to meet my new neighbors. I have made several new friends at the pool which is nice.
It has been a great way to bond with the children. Yeah, they think grandma is pretty cool and fun to be with. If we don't do the pool, they get to play on their bikes/tricycles or play with the neighbor children. Sidewalk chalk is great. The children like to draw hopscotch lines and play as well as color on the sidewalks. It later washes away when the sprinklers water the grass.

Best of all seeing their smiley little faces and laughter is great.

Never give up! Reach for the stars! Success is closer than you know! Always give love and it will return to you someday!
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