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Mystical Realm and Its Impact on My Own Development

June 13, 2005 at 3:29pm

It has been over a year since I started my forum site at runboard called Mystical Realm. Over the last year, this site has experienced a lot of changes. In the process, I have learned a great deal about myself and running a new age forum site.

It has been a interesting experience. I have attended events in my community and met some interesting individuals while trying to promote my website. I think, the most interesting and warmest people I met were at the Pagan Pride Auction and Picnic. I met some really nice people there. I had some great experiences meeting with others in my own community.

I see my site as a part of a greater community which will help make an impact in its own way. In a way, every piece to a puzzle forms a whole complete picture. Perhaps, my forum will one day join with other small pieces to create a masterpiece of a whole complete world wide community.

It is fun to envision and dream. Maybe, dreams can come true and we could all learn to live in peace and harmony with eachother. I would like to think of my site as a part of that vision and dream in its own small way.

We are all the microcosmos of the greater larger cosmic picture called life. Every action we take creates a wave which spreads outward and produces a change like a wave in a pond when a rock is cast into the water. Even the most seemingly insignificate events might have more impact on future events than we realize. It is only when we look back and reflect upon the past that we see each event as a stepping stone of growth along the pathway of life.

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